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Deeply appreciate  for your patience today for teaching me how to use Ipad. Thank you for your busy schedule. 🙏🙏🙏

- Kam Chung


Compliment from a customer of using Serenity Life Balance Package - Business Support


"Thank you so much for visiting today and for your assistance and patience, and for sending an outline of what was discussed .


I am very happy with the outcome and feel reasonably confident to make changes on this website now ,


I am pleased to say that I managed to go into the site and make changes as suggested .

Of which I also changed the document name to hire application form ." 


- Krishna Dutton, owner of the Wellness Barn, the Basin


Dear Amy Yuen:




Thanks to #serenitylifebalance and Amy Yuen for inviting Lucia Hou and myself as keynote speakers last Saturday at the Aware, Inspire & Change seminar in recognition of Anti-Poverty Week, to bring awareness to the link between poverty and child sexual exploitation crimes in South East Asia.And a big thank you for the AUD$1000 donation to Project Karma and the thoughtful, personalised Chinese gift.



Anti-poverty week 2019 Aware, Inspire and Change 


“It was a fantastic event. I really want to give Serenity Life Balance Accreditation. Congratulations! It was really a good event.” Ted Ju/HWPL 



“Amy you should be very proud of what you have achieved… today was very successful.” Krishna Dutton, owner of the Wellness Barn 



“Dear Amy…am pleased I managed to attend your event yesterday. I understand more on your passion and I must say it was inspiring afternoon and very focus on a mission for others….. You have my support.



Thank you Amy and your wonderful team for the Saturday event. I look forward to be of assistance to your vision, mission and dedication in just causes.” Stephen Yin, Ambassador, Mental Health Foundation Australia, Committee member of Knox Multicultural Advisory Committee 



“Thank you so much Amy! Thank you so much everyone! Lovely photos thank you xox .” Lucia Hou, Ms Oceania 2018, the 2018 International Woman of the Year Internationally 



“The photos are great. Our diverse groups were great to find out more from. Looking forward to being part of bringing people together again with you soon.” Cr Dot Haynes, City of Manningham 



“Thank you for sending the photos Amy. 

Thank you for having me speak at your event and for the kind gift and your donation to Project Karma. 


It was a pleasure meeting everyone.” Glen Hulley, CEO/Founder of Project Karma 



“It was a great event organized by Amy in a beating place. I appreciate everyone’s work for multicultural, Multilingual and Multifaith Community for freedom of religion and Global Peace. Thank you all speakers, administration, Management and your efforts to fight with. Thank you Amy for your work and Practical Support. I pray for all of you and I also need your prayers and support as my work is totally self-support with faith and trust. God bless you.” Pastor NELSON PERVAZ, 


Ambassador for Peace & State Coordinator of Interreligious Association for Peace and Development(IAPD)-Vic, Missionary Pastor. Global Preacher,& Peace Worker 



“Thanks for giving us an opportunity to serve our community. Thanks for your generous support.” Lily Chow, Sameway Magazine


Feedback from E. Phan:


My husband and I migrated to Australia from Cambodia.  My son was born in Australia.

He used to be a good student in school who won a lot of academic awards. Unfortunately, he suffers from Ankylosing Spondylitis at the age of 16. He was an intelligent and diligent student in a famous secondary school in Melbourne.  Due to disability, he was unable to continue his secondary school education.  Since then, he became unmotivated, withdrawn and lacked self-esteem.  He always kept himself inside the room with unkempt hair and beard to play computer game.


Two years ago, my relative introduced Amy Yuen, Serenity Life Balance Consultant, to me. Amy started to provide consultation to me, my son and husband. Amy is sincere, caring and she is a well experienced social worker, rich with knowledge and skill. My son attended six sessions consultation with Amy. After the consultation, Amy told me that my son would be back to normal. Amy said, ‘ please let me know when your son has decided to marry.’


In these two years, I was so happy to see my son changes. He groomed his hair and beard, continued study computer programming in the university. He became more motivated and re-connected with his friends. In September 2018, he has decided to marry.  


I am so grateful to have Amy to support my son to go through the difficult time, restructure his life value, help building his capacity. Living with disability but my son has more confidence to move onto his life journey now. Thanks Amy.  


Feedback from Elisa Yeung:


Working as a social worker for many years in Hong Kong, I decided to make a life change to migrate to Melbourne nine years ago. Although it was a big challenge to me and my family, luckily we adapted so well. 

Some people asked me how I built up my capacity in the new environment. I can share some of my experiences with you. Firstly, being positive to any change is very important. A lot of people are afraid of changes and hesitate to leave their comfort zone. They always look at the negative side and feel insecure to move on. In fact, change is not bad. It provides a lot of new opportunities to learn and experience. My life has been enriched by embracing with this change. 

Secondly, don’t limit yourself. Try to explore different things that you can do. When I first came to Melbourne, I was not familiar with the environment and culture. It is hard for me to work as a Social Worker. I try to find something else which I can do.  Also, I tried to equip myself by learning and getting new work experience in different settings and organizations. Throughout this process, I also discovered my potential and talent in other areas. 


Thirdly, try to make connection with people in the community. I connected with the community by joining church group, work, participating in volunteer work and joining activities in the community. Through the participation, I built up the connection and developed a sense of belonging in the community.

Fourthly, maintaining life balance is very important. Life balance is to get a balance among work, family, personal leisure and social life so that we can maintain our physical, psychological and social wellbeing. I try to keep good time management among work, family and myself.  I spend some time to do physical exercises, meeting with friends and keep learning new things. That makes me feel refreshed and energetic. 


When Amy asked me to help her set up new business-Serenity Life Balance Consultant two years ago, I was very happy to accept the invitation because it was in line with my philosophy. A lot of people know life balance is very important to maintain a healthy living. However, not so many people can put it into practice in their living. I am passionate to raise the awareness of life balance concept to the community; to encourage more people to participate and change their lifestyle so that they can build up their capacity, master their life, contribute their “gifted talent” and lead a healthy living.  



Feedback from Cherie:


'The Healthy Living Workshop was an absolutely refreshing and rewarding experience for me.  As a mother with heavy commitments to work and family, my mental and physical wellbeing is often neglected and seen as less important.  During the workshop, the light-hearted but effective activities (such as meditation, laughter yoga) targeting stress relief allowed me to realise the importance of a healthy and relaxed mind.  I am so grateful to have participated in this workshop and hope that more people (especially overwhelmed mothers!) are aware of the importance of healthy living.




Feedback from Miranda:


‘Thanks for the photos and workshop. It was an informative and enjoyable workshop. I am interested in taking the meditation and tai chi classes from the Bodhi Chan Meditation Centre. Going to their centre for 3-7 days retreat will be good too.  Let me know if anyone is interested. I am flexible in time and budget.’




Feedback from Helena:


‘I learnt so many new things on the day. I heard about Laughter Yoga, Meditation, Reflexology, Stress Management and Tao Calligraphy, but never have the time to know more and to practise them. Thank you to Amy organised such a useful workshop. Hope you can come to Sydney more often, definitely will join the upcoming workshops.’



Feedback from Louisa:


‘Review of Healthy Living Workshop. This workshop covered various issues that are of concern in the modern time for people from all walks of life; stress, health, pain relief, emotional well being etc. Though a brief introduction to things like stress management, meditation, laughing yoga and foot reflexology, it is very beneficial to me and my husband.  We learned different exercises and techniques to handle difficult moments of life and also reconfirmed some of the myths about Tai Chi and Meditation. Thank you Amy and your team for bringing such a rewarding workshop to Sydney.’


‘I would recommend this workshop to everyone who seeks some relief for their body and soul.’



Feedback from M.Y. Leung:


Dear Amy,


Thanks for the opportunity to take part in this morning’s ‘Philosophy of Living Well’ session. Wendy and I found it inspiring.  We enjoyed it. Wendy was particularly thrilled to draw a painting – the first time in some 50 years!


It was indeed a successful session. As the proverb goes, ‘Well begin is half done’. Congratulations. 


May you be well and happy.


p.s. Thank you very much for the souvenir organiser. It is useful.’